On May 12, 2018 I will conduct a day long architectural photography workshop for the International Photography Hall of Fame. The highlight of the day will be a shoot inside the fabulous Fox Theater. In the analog film era I recall making 30 minute exposures using a 4×5 inch view camera. Today, digital technology makes the process much faster. In last years workshop, I recall  a maximum exposure of 30 seconds at f16. With a tripod (highly recommended), I find it unnecissary to raise the ISO with the added benefit of people disappearing during the longer exposures! The contrast is excessive in some areas and I prefer to bracket my exposures in order to”burn in” the highlights with layer masking in photoshop. I generally avoid HDR for the entire image but it is very useful in this instance for brushing in the highlights. I recommend bringing all your lenses for the wide views and the distant details.